Life Coaching – Get Your Script Together!

article_lifescript_imageBy Liz H. Kelly

Are you truly in love with your life? Do you have rich experiences that fuel positive energy? And are there any missing pieces that deserve your attention? When I coach singles how to attract true love, the first thing that we do is look at their Life Script. It’s not a long process, and this SCRIPT approach can help you easily identify what is missing.

Take an hour to get action plan together, and/or call us for Life Script Coaching. You can always find a way to spice up your life – and maybe you need an outsider to help you find the holes and fix it! Just think what might have happened in the movie, Bridget Jones, if Renee Zellweger had hired a coach!

And don’t stop after reviewing your Life Script once. Write action items to enhance your life, and then check your progress on a regular basis. By doing a personal check-in on your goals, dreams and desires, you’ll more naturally attract the great love that you deserve. When I’ve browsed internet dating profiles, I stopped counting how many profiles said, “I want someone who is happy,” or “I am not looking for baggage.”

Life Script Success Strategy

S = Support – Have you surrounded yourself with great friends and family?

C = Career – Are you doing a job that excites you?

R = Romance – Do you have a great relationship, and/or plan for finding great love?

I = Interests – Do you have hobbies and passions to emotionally charge your battery – besides finding love?

P = Personal Foundation – Are you happy with your looks, weight and outlook on life?

T = Time Management – Do you have a good balance of work and play?

You can read examples of how this Life Script review process works with success stories in our How to Attract Great Love eBook or contact us for Life Script Coaching . You deserve a meaningful and lasting relationship with sizzle. Let us help you pull together your Great Love Action Plan to fill your life with joy. We’ll help you get your script together and – get you to great love faster!

Liz H. Kelly, Great Life Coach, Great Life Great Love,, 2009

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