Great Love Review – Avatar

Great Love Review - Avatar

Great Love Review - Avatar

By Liz H. Kelly

If you’re ready for a new visual experience and Great Love Magic, go see the hot movie, Avatar. The love story between Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) is even more spectacular than the scenery. Jake is sent by the military into the forests of Pandora with an “an Avatar” identity so he looks like the Na’vi natives. While his primary mission is to build trust and get counter intelligence, Jake has no idea that he will find Great Love Magic when he meets Neytiri, daughter of the King.

The Three Acts of Love in this blockbuster tell us a lot about what works in relationships. Avatar gets 5 stars for these powerful love lessons:

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Three Acts of Great Love in Avatar

Act 1 – Courting Chase

When Jake first meets Nytiri, she questions why an Avatar sent by scientists is in their sacred woods, and tells him to go home. When you approach someone new, and they tell you to get lost, you might just run. Instead of going back to the army base on the planet Pandora, Jake chases Nytiri and genuinely asks for her help. Despite his “childlike” views of her world, Nytiri agrees to be his mentor. This courting chase works, and the love story begins.

Act 2 – Great Love Glow

After months of training with his mentor in the glowing forests, Jake is given a choice for a partner. When Jake tells Nytiri that he has already chosen, there is absolutely no question about their Great Love Connection. When you find your soul mate, there should also be no doubt. Take a chance by telling the other person how you feel with confidence and a big smile. If they’re also feeling the love connection, you’ll see the magic happen!

Act 3 – Love Challenge

Just like any relationship has hurdles, the Avatar’s great love is challenged. Because Jake was sent by the military, Nytiri accuses him of betraying her people when the planet gets attacked by an army. Instead of running, Jake focuses on rebuilding her trust by showing her his loyalty. His positive energy and crisis leadership make him irresistible. If more couples would stay in the game when they face challenges, maybe we’d have fewer divorces?

You’ll need to watch the movie to see how this love story ends. Many thanks to James Cameron for writing and directing this awesome Great Love Story! If you want to jumpstart your search for Great Love in the New Year, Contact Us for Life Coaching and/or Dating Coaching. Everyone deserves this type of Great Love Magic!

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