Great Love Review – Spread


By Liz H. Kelly

Have you ever dated someone for the money? Have you ever had sex for sex’s sake? While Spread is a great movie that you should go see when it opens on Aug 14, 2009, Ashton Kutcher plays a Bad Lover who you don’t want to date. His main purpose in life is to chase wealthy women who can give him an extravagant Hollywood Hills lifestyle, which you should avoid like the plague. Ok, he’s very cute, but very dangerous.

As your Great Love Reporter, this Sundance film hit gets 4 stars for playfully capturing what can happen in the LosAngeles dating scene that is way too focused on money and power. When Ashton (Nikki) meets Anne Heche (Samantha) at a bar, she quickly falls for his smooth lines, flirty style and sexy moves. He does not have a home, and his only solution is to find rich women to support him. When Anne leaves Ashton in her house to go on a business trip, find out what happens by checking out this film, and watch out for those Bad Lover Red Flags.
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What are the Bad Lover Red Flags?

1. Empty Banker – If someone has no money, the alarm bells should be ringing off the hook! No matter how cute they appear, they’re desperation will cause them to tell you anything you want to hear for food, shelter and security. Even though Ashton tells Anne that he has no where to live and no money, she turns a blind eye because the sex is so good and rolls out her credit card.

2. Fancy Talker – If a lover is constantly feeding you with fancy lines, watch out for disaster love! Ashton is constantly complimenting Anne in a sleazy sales approach that lacks sincerity. When she invites him on a business trip to New York, he declines because he’s busy (doing what?).

3. Friendless Foundation – If you start dating someone with no friends, there’s probably a good reason why they have no support network. Ashton treats his best guy friend like dirt in this movie. When Anne kicks him out of her house, his only friend also turns him out in the cold.

Never settle for Bad Lover like Anne Heche does in Spread. There is an ironic twist in this love story when Ashton actually meets someone he likes, but you’ll have to go see the movie to find out what happens in the end. Watch out for these Bad Lover Red Flags, and keep searching for the great love you deserve. To fast-track your journey, check out How to Attract Great Love and/or sign up for Life Script Coaching! Give Bad Lovers the boot, and insist on a great love relationship!

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