Great Love Review – The Fighter

thefighterBy Liz H Kelly

If you’re ready for an entertaining film that’s based on a true story and is all about relationships, you’ll love The Fighter with Mark Wahlberg (“Irish” Mickey Ward), Christian Bale (Dickey Eklund) and Amy Adams (Mickey’s girlfriend Charlene Fleming.) When Mickey gets beaten badly in the opening fight by a boxer who is 20 pounds heavier, the film turns into a powerful comeback story with many conflicts between love and money. Everyone wants a piece of Mickey, and there is a clear divide between who really cares, and who’s there for their own personal gain in this very small town story.

Christian Bale (Dickey) steals the movie (in my opinion) as Mickey’s older brother, trainer and crackhead in Lowell, Massachusetts. While everyone knows Dickey’s a troublemaker, Mickey remains loyal to the guy who taught him how to box. Dickey was his childhood idol, who fought Sugar Ray Leonard in the ring. When reflecting on his 5 minutes of fame often, Dickey has camera crews capturing every moment for a documentary that later has a very different message. Mickey’s also very close his mother, Melissa Leo (Alice Ward), who is a bit of a control freak. She seems much more interested in the limo rides, cocktails and paychecks than setting up good fights for her youngest. As family business managers, Dickey and his mother are in complete control of Mickey – until love enters the picture.
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When Mickey falls hard for Charlene (Amy Adams as the sassy red-head bartender at the local hang-out), the family’s relationships get tested on many levels. During a family meeting with the 9 children (2 boys and 7 girls), Charlene boldly questions their intentions and encourages Mickey to go out on his own. The couple’s great love chemistry is undeniable, and Mickey finally has a true ally in his corner. Even when the family tries to tear her down, Mickey’s mind and heart are set on Charlene.

You’ll have to watch the movie to see the twists in Mickey’s journey, and how the family conflicts get resolved. If you have people on your team who are not real deals, replace them with winners immediately. You want to find a Great Love who sincerely cares, makes you laugh and backs you up, even when you’re down. For more dating advice tips and Great Love Reviews, visit Great Life Great Love. We love building success stories like The Fighter, and are here to help you find a great love relationship that lasts!

Liz H Kelly, Great Love Reporter, Great Life Great Love,, 2010

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