Great Love Review – The Hangover

thehangover_tigerBy Liz H. Kelly

Along with a ton of laughs, there are Great Love lessons in the hot summer hit, The Hangover. While most of the movie is about a wild bachelor party, the tigers come out in Las Vegas and Los Angeles to test the trust in their relationships. As soon as someone starts challenging you with crazy Tiger Talk, you want to run. Here’s the Entourage, Wild Tigers and Cool Cougars in this fun comedy.

The Hangover Entourage

Bradley Cooper – Phil (the hot best friend, school teacher and Cool Cougar)
Ed Helms – Stu (the whimpy friend with a Wild Tiger girlfriend)
Zach Galifianakis – Alan (the weird and soon-to-be brother-in-law)
Justin Bartha – Doug (the groom who goes MIA in Vegas)
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Wild Tigers versus Cool Cougars

Las Vegas Tiger
When the bachelors wake-up in the penthouse of Caesars’ Palace, they’re surprised to find a tiger in the bathroom. While their heads are pounding from partying, they work as a team to get the tiger home and put the puzzle pieces back together. Trust and twists are high here.

Los Angeles Tiger
When the guys finally return to Los Angeles for the wedding, Stu’s girlfriend Melissa (Rachel Harris) turns into a crazy tiger. She growls at him at the reception for not answering her calls. Her aggressive Tiger Talk creates a huge scene that makes all the guests cringe. There is no trust or love in this relationship.

Look for Cool Cougars
While a tiger cannot control their anger, cougars are cool and smooth. The bride (Sasha Barrese) and the four bachelors stay pretty calm during the entire movie. Phil (Bradley Cooper) is especially cool about 95% of the time (nobody is perfect!) when others start to panic.

The bottom line in The Hangover is that trust is everything when it comes to relationships. You should run from tigers the minute they start growling at you, and wait for the cool cougars to show up. If you want to get on a fast-track to finding cougars, give us a call for Life Coaching and/or Dating Coaching. You deserve a Great Life and a cool Great Love!

© Liz H. Kelly, Great Love Reporter,, 2009

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