Great Love Review – The Ugly Truth

uglytruth_closeby Liz H. Kelly

If you want to laugh out loud at a guy’s dating rules, go see The Ugly Truth with Katherine Heigl (Abby) and Gerard Butler (Mike). Based on pure entertainment value, this movie gets 5 stars in my book for bringing out absurd relationship advice and fun. Just when Katherine thinks she knows what true love looks like, Gerard gives her some twisted advice in this romantic comedy.

The games begin when Gerard is hired to share his “The Ugly Truth” relationship tips on Katherine’s local news program in Sacramento, California. When Katherine tells Gerard that she is not a fan of his love advice, he jumps to the challenge by promising to help her catch the dreamy doctor (Eric Winter) who fits her perfect man checklist. Gerard tells Katherine that she must follow his crazy rules.
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The Ugly Truth Rules – from a guy’s view

Rule 1 – never criticize a guy

Rule 2 – laugh at whatever a guy says (even if it’s not funny)

Rule 3 – men are very visual (duh!)

Rule 4 – never talk about your problems to a guy

While these manly rules get Katherine her perfect guy, the relationship is doomed because she’s been acting a part. To get the right guy, try my Great Love Rules instead.

Great Love Rules – from a girl’s view

Rule 1 – focus on you first and forget about the guy (men want what they can’t have)

Rule 2 – have fun on dates, but ask the tough questions with a smile if you start getting serious

Rule 3 – get a style makeover to find out your best colors and looks (for you, not him)

Rule 4 – walk away with a smile if a guy can’t step up to the plate! (he’s just not worth it!)

While there is some truth to The Ugly Truth’s Rules, there is much more to this love game than Gerard’s view. Have fun watching Katherine figure out that these Great Love Rules work. And for more movie reviews about the love lessons on the big screen, visit Great Life Great Love ( Your great love is out there, you just need the right rules!

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