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By Liz H. Kelly

How to find the picks and avoid the pans

If you’re dating, you can learn about love by going to the movies. Identify your type faster using this Man Code Movie Guide from my dating book, Smart Man Hunting. From Pirates to Superman, you’ll be able to check compatibility using these “man codes.” And even though the codes are all male examples, women can also be these personality types.

Avoid the Wounded Divorcé (WD), who runs when you say the word “relationship,” and keep looking until you find a Love Match (LM), who makes your heart skip a beat when you see his caller ID. As a dating timesaver, these 26 man codes will help you know when to say “next!” versus when to take a closer look. Let’s go to the movies for celebrity man code examples:

Love Match (LM) – Orlando Bloom in “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest”

Orlando Bloom (Will) is the hot Love Match (LM) in “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest”. The passion between Orlando and Keira Knightley (Elizabeth) is unquestionable. When Orlando ventures out to find Johnny Depp (Captain Jack), Keira follows him despite the danger, all in the name of love. Ask yourself, would you jump on a pirate ship and sail across the wild seas for your love? If you are not feeling this urge, you better say “next!” The LM is a must-have man code for your perfect match.

All Sports Fanatic (ASF) – Vince Vaughn in “The Break-Up”
Vince Vaughn (Gary) is the extreme All Sports Fanatic (ASF) in “The Break-Up” who blows it with Jennifer Aniston (Brooke) with his manly obsessions. Watch out for anyone who’s so consumed by sports that there is no time for you. From baseball to football to video games, Vince is your extreme ASF who declares that he is on “man cation.” When he finally gives up his games, he’s been knocked out of the ballpark by Jennifer. Avoid a major love loss over sporty obsessions by finding a compromise early in the game.
Underestimated Ally (UA) – Tom Hanks in “The Da Vinci Code”

Tom Hanks (Dr. Robert Langdon) is the Underestimated Ally (UA) in “The Da Vinci Code.”

He’s the guy who’s right under your nose, but you’ve overlooked his potential as a perfect match. Why didn’t Tom and Audrey Tautou (Sophie) make a romantic connection in this movie? During their hunt for the Holy Grail, they bond emotionally and intellectually. We will always wonder what might have happened if Robert or Sophie had crossed that friendship line. When dating online, if you meet a friend who starts to make your heart sing, take a chance by confessing your feelings.

Justifying Juggler (JJ) – Owen Wilson in “You, Me and Dupree”
Watch out for a Justifying Juggler (JJ) like Owen Wilson (Ray Dupree), who is the confirmed bachelor in “You, Me and Dupree.” This guy spells trouble. He will openly sleep with multiple women at one time. He is out to play, and nothing else. Despite the JJ’s charisma, alarm bells should be blaring if you meet someone with no focus. If you are serious about finding a perfect match, hit the eject button whenever you meet a JJ.

Total Man Code Package – Brandon Routh in “Superman Returns”

Brandon Routh (Superman) is the total man code package in “Superman Returns.” He’s as the Nourishing Nester (NN), Executive Search Seeker (ESS) and the Keeper of the Fire (KOF):

Nourishing Nester (NN) – Brandon’s the Nourishing Nester (NN), who will take care of you in the face of danger or turning tides. It’s no wonder Kate Bosworth (Lois) is still in love with him. Who wouldn’t want this catch?

Executive Search Seeker (ESS) – In the sky Brandon might be Superman, but at the Daily Planet he’s the Executive Search Seeker (ESS) as Clark Kent. He congratulates Lois on her Pulitzer Prize and brainstorms story ideas with her. The ESS wants a peer partner, is a great listener and is ideal for anyone seeking a career cheerleader.

Keeper of the Fire (KOF)
– Brandon is also the romantic Keeper of the Fire (KOF). When he surprises Lois on the rooftop and then takes her for a ride in the sky, the sparks are flying faster than a speeding bullet. It’s the unexpected pleasures that can ignite romance. Take the time to make the extra effort and you may capture someone’s heart.

In the end, it’s all about the package. Smart Man Hunting’s man codes can help you identify the good guys, bad guys and “maybe” guys on the big screen — and online. Go for the good codes and watch out for the elephant in the room. Your date might be the most romantic KOF, but if he’s a JJ, you need to say “next!” There is a perfect match for everyone – the secret is to keep dating until you find the right combination of codes!

(c) Liz H. Kelly, Great Life Great Love,, 2009

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