Bad Lover Types – Give them the Boot!

glpl_par_lot_150By Liz H. Kelly

Are you tired of dealing with a Bad Lover who treats you like dirt? They’re so self-absorbed that they probably can’t even see how much they’re hurting you. To help you identify them faster, here are five Bad Lover Types that should be given the boot immediately (easier said than done, but it’s really the best thing for both of you).

If you’ve watched the movie, The BreakUp with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, you’ll find that Vince was a Total Talker who’s so focused on his Chicago tour company, beers and football that he can’t see Jennifer’s needs. When she asks him to bring home a dozen lemons for a family dinner, and he only brings a few, she looses it! All he had to do was acknowledge her anger, say he was sorry – and run quickly back to the store for more. Instead of considering her feelings, he downplays the issue, goes blind – and then she says Next (with a breakup over lemons?)!

If you come across one or a combination of these Bad Lover Types, please, give them the boot!


1. Rollercoaster Rider – This Bad Lover type gets a charge out of causing drama! They take the relationship through a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows. While you might have great make-up sex, the ups and downs are exhausting! Next!

2. Game Facer – Let your gut instinct tell you if you’re dealing with a Game Face liar who is constantly making things up on the fly. Ok, we all tell little white lies. However, the Game Facer consistently goes out of their way to avoid conflict by twisting the truth. If they’re extreme Game Facers, they’ll probably start thinking their stories are the truth (scary). If you catch your lover in multiple lies, ask yourself, what else are they hiding? Next!

3. Constant Critiquer – You know this lover with strong opinions. They’re always giving you unsolicited advice about what you wear, say and do – and often at the wrong time. While feedback is good in small doses, let go of a Bad Lover who goes overboard with critiques. Next!

4. Total Talker – If someone never stops talking about themselves, maybe you need to send them a bill for listening to their every need? If your lover doesn’t ask questions about your day and balance the conversation, you need to say Next!

5. Daily Downer – If you’ve ever been with a lover who can’t seem to get out of the dumps, you might be dating a Daily Downer type. Give these Bad Lovers encouragement and support at first. If they continue to share their pain more than happy times, you need to raise their Daily Downer instincts as an issue. And if they can’t find any positives in their life, this negative mindset becomes out of your control. Next!

No matter how much you’re in love with someone, if they treat you poorly, you need to give them the boot! You deserve a Great Lover who adores you, charges your battery, and makes your life better. When you meet a Bad Lover, please say Next fast. You want to give yourself room to attract Great Lover you deserve!

© Liz H. Kelly, Great Love Reporter, Great Life Great Love,, 2009

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