Great Lover Types – Take a Close Look!

greatlife_greatlove_150aby Liz H. Kelly

Are you ready to find a Great Lover who adores you, charges your battery, and is totally into you? They’re ready for a real deal, and you deserve the royal treatment! To help you identify them faster, here are five Great Lover Types (even if you have any hesitation, give these lovers a closer look).

If you’ve watched the movie, The Wedding Date with Debra Messing and Dylan McDermott, you’ll find that Dylan was Debra’s date for hire. Debra is so concerned about her family thinking she is happy that she pays Dylan $6,000 out of her 401k to go with her to her sister’s wedding in England.

When she takes a closer look, she finds that Dylan is quite the Charming Complimenter who makes her heart sing. His kind words and genuine concern for her happiness break down Debra’s barriers to love. In the end, the couple can’t resist each other and Dylan gives her the money back.

If you come across one or a combination of these lovers, please, give them a close look!


1. Dreamy Eyes – If the chemistry clicks, you’re already in the money with love (which fortunately has nothing to do with your bank account). Ask yourself, do I feel an electric charge when our lips touch? If the answer is yes, you’re on the road to Great Love.

2. True Listener – If you meet someone who asks genuine questions about your desires and dreams (and is consistent), wow, you may have met your match! These lovers can put aside their day and needs, and just focus on you. Watch their eyes to see if they are really listening. We love this Great Lover!

3. Charming Complimenter – You know the lover who seems to have all the right words to say at the right time. This talent is a gift, and if sincere, can be a very powerful ingredient for a Great Relationship. They’ll tell you that you look great, make them happy, and that they miss you at just the right moment. And who doesn’t like to be complimented?

4. Thoughtful Giver – It’s the thought versus the price tag that counts when your lover gives you a gift. Thoughtful Givers will surprise you with sentimental presents, a cute card and/or take you somewhere new that you’ve always wanted to go. Give them a standing ovation for their efforts!

5. Great Life Lover – If you meet someone who truly loves their life (and not due to money, but genuine relationships, Great experiences and passions), take a really close look if you have any doubts. Because they embrace life, they’re in a great place to find, build and keep great love with you.

You deserve a Great Lover who makes your heart sing. If you’re dating someone who’s missing these ingredients, you may be dealing with a Bad Lover. Say no to anyone who does not make you feel awesome, and welcome great love when it shows up!

© Liz H. Kelly, Great Love Reporter, Great Life Great Love,, 2009

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