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Great Love Review - The Fighter

Great Love Review – The Fighter

If you’re ready for an entertaining film that’s based on a true story and is all about relationships, you’ll love The Fighter with Mark Wahlberg (“Irish” Mickey Ward), Christian Bale (Dickey Eklund) and Amy Adams (Mickey’s girlfriend Charlene Fleming.) When Mickey gets beaten badly in the opening fight by a boxer who is 20 pounds heavier, the film turns into a powerful comeback story with many conflicts between love and money. Everyone wants a piece of Mickey, and there is a clear divide between who really cares, and who’s there for their own personal gain in this very small town story.

Great Love Review - Marley and Me

Great Love Review – Marley and Me

Are you ready for a Great Lover who shares the same genuine adoration that a dog gives their family? If you forget what this pure love feels like, watch the awesome movie, Marley and Me that stars Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson. Not only is there a powerful great love connection between Jennifer and Owen, Marley (their dog) brings compassion into their lives despite his crazy behavior. As your Great Lover Reporter, I give this flick a top 4 star rating!

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