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Best Romance Movies - 21st Century Top 10

Best Romance Movies – 21st Century Top 10

We can all learn from love in the movies. After all, they’ve been scripted to make us emotionally charged and think about the life lessons. As your Great Love Reporter and entertainment executive, there are tons of movie couple examples in my Books, CDs and Articles. For fun, below are my top 10 picks and the love lessons from the big screen for the Best Romance Movies for the 21st Century.

Great Love Review - Marley and Me

Great Love Review – Marley and Me

Are you ready for a Great Lover who shares the same genuine adoration that a dog gives their family? If you forget what this pure love feels like, watch the awesome movie, Marley and Me that stars Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson. Not only is there a powerful great love connection between Jennifer and Owen, Marley (their dog) brings compassion into their lives despite his crazy behavior. As your Great Lover Reporter, I give this flick a top 4 star rating!