10 Min Profile Builder Templates

Write your Internet Dating Essay using a Dating Pro’s Templates


Find Love Online in 10 Minutes – Attract great dates using this internet dating profile builder that works just like a resume builder. There is no need to struggle with writing your life story in a paragraph. Instead, write a fun, specific and short essay now by Logging in.

Let these dating pro templates help you fill-in-the-blanks with your three Marketing hooks:

  1. Develop a Profile Essay with Personality
  2. Select a Fun Username
  3. Write a Catchy Headline

Find Love in 10 Minutes for only $19.95, which is for a one-time monthly membership that gives you unlimited edits to your profile. You can find love online faster using these fill-in-the-blank dating pro templates to write a catchy and specific internet profile. Your monthly membership fee is a steal compared to the $125.00 that Liz Kelly charges singles for Profile Makeovers.

It’s a quick and easy 10-Step Process – You can use these 10 easy-to-use templates to write your profile in 10 minutes. Simply fill-in-the-blanks with your favorites, copy into any dating site, and watch your email box fill up with high quality dates!

You can attract your type with a short and specific essay. Based on Kelly’s marketing and dating expertise, she’s developed templates to bring out your best and keep it brief! Ready for great dates? – Log in now to the 10 Minute Profile Builder

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