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Top 10 Romance Movies of 2011 – Bridesmaids and More

Top 10 Romance Movies of 2011 – Bridesmaids and More

From Bridesmaids to Midnight in Paris and Cedar Rapids, Hollywood brought us these Top 10 Romance Movies of 2011. We were fortunate to attend an Oscar Screening for Bridesmaids, and watched Midnight in Paris three times in the theater (is that crazy?) Cedar Rapids starring Ed Helms(The Office) was actually our favorite Sundance 2011 film, and there were many more romantic moments captured on the big screen this year. As we approach awards season with Golden Globe Nominees announced, below are our Top 10 picks in order of preference for your consideration. We’d love to have you comment on your favorites and/or share your picks on our Facebook book page

Great Love Review - The Social Network

Great Love Review – The Social Network

If you’re one of the 500 million users on Facebook, you must see The Social Network with Jesse Eisenberg (Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO), Justin Timberlake (Sean Parker, Napster Founder), Rashida Jones (Marylin Delpy) and Rooney Mara (Erica Albright, Mark’s girlfriend.) Even though the breakup in the opening scene is fiction, you’ll be glued to Mark’s comeback story about how he built Facebook. We actually get two love lessons from this movie, the made-up story and Mark’s real life love story.