Great Love Review – 500 Days of Summer

500_days_of_summer01by Liz H. Kelly

If you’re ready for a refreshing take on relationships on the big screen, go see 500 Days of Summer with Zooey Deschanel (Summer) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Tom). While there is heartache in this movie, the story gets 5 stars for being so cleverly presented. We can all relate to longing for a lover who’s just not into us. After trying to see this movie at Sundance and the LA Film Festival, it was a relief to finally watch it on a big digital screen with an awesome guy friend!

What makes this movie so popular is that we’ve all felt Joseph’s torment and obsession over a lover who’s just not that into us. What we learned about love is don’t fall hard for Friends with Benefits. When Zooey tells Joseph that she likes him, but doesn’t believe in relationships, the alarm bells should have been blaring. But then again, love can be so blind.
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Blind Love Questions

If you find yourself blindly in love with someone who “just wants to be friends”, ask yourself these tough questions:

1. Is it worth spending 500 days with a love who’s just not that into me?

Would you ever spend almost two years with someone who tells you over and over again that they don’t want a relationship? Ok, Zooey and Joseph have a blast shopping, taking showers together and sharing dreams, but honestly, your best bet is to walk if it’s just not happening.

2. Is it possible for my love obsession to change their mind?

If you’re not talking “relationship” within 500 days, you might as well forget about it! You want to see mutual lightning bolts in the first 30 days. While women can take much longer to build an attraction towards a guy, this movie shows Joseph’s extreme patience and fantasies.

3. Can I force myself to let go, and focus on me first?

While it might seem impossible to let go of a love, if they’re not into you, walk away immediately! The sooner you focus on you, the faster you will attract the great love you deserve. And if you let go early, they might just come back running when they see you loving your life first. When Joseph decides to focus on his architect career versus Zooey, magic happens in this movie.

500 Days of Summer
is an awesome story that should not be missed. For more Great Love Reviews and dating coaching programs, visit Great Life Great Love, Your great love is out there – just be ready to walk until you find the right click with the right person!

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