Great Love Review – When Harry Met Sally

harry-met-sally_263042a1By Liz H. Kelly

Do you want to know some Great Love Secrets for identifying your perfect match and compatibility faster? In this Great Love Review, we’ll cover the classic romance movie, When Harry Met Sally with Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. Based on the ABC Man Codes in my first book, Smart Man Hunting, for the main male personality types, let’s take a look a closer look at the relationship dynamics. What man codes does Harry represent that make his relationship work with Sally?

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Harry’s Man Codes – What is your type?

KOF – Keeper of the Fire – The Keeper of the Fire is a romantic at heart, and Harry definitely falls into this category. When he starts singing karaoke in the Sharper Image, Harry shows a fun and light side that adds sparks to their relationship. When Harry asks Sally to speak silly for the day in the museum, his playfulness adds more romance to their great love.

NN – Nourishing Nester – The Nourishing Nester genuinely cares about your well-being. He takes pride in his home and feeds your soul with goodwill. When Sally helps Harry lay out a rug in his apartment, you see his nester signs. Later, you see more nurturing signs when Harry runs to Sally’s rescue while she is in tears over her ex-husband’s engagement.

WD – Wounded Divorce – The Wounded Divorce is a not a good man code (but people can change if you give them time). These men are anti-marriage because they are damaged by a previous relationship. Harry is very disturbed after seeing his ex-wife in the Sharper Image. He overreacts emotionally to his married friends love, predicting their inevitable break-up because of a trivial argument about a wagon-wheel coffee table. Sally was smart not to make her move during this WD phase.

UA – Under-estimated Ally – The Under-Estimated Ally is right under your thumb, but maybe you never considered him as a soul mate. Harry is Sally’s best friend and lover. When she finally makes a move after a 20-year friendship, Harry initially runs away. However, he certainly changes his tune, recovers from his Wounded Divorce state of mind, and recognizes their connection in the end.

BA – Bachelor Available
– You’re wasting your time pursuing any man who is not a Bachelor Available. These men are emotionally available and offer the right timing. Harry is not in this mode until the end of the movie. At a New Year’s Eve party, when he suddenly realizes Sally is “the one,” Harry declares his desire to spend the rest of his life with her “ASAP.”

Because When Harry Met Sally has so many great love lessons, this movie gets a 4-star rating. If you want to learn move about these ABC man codes, check out my first book, Smart Man Hunting for a complete A-Z list.

(c) Liz H. Kelly, Great Love Reporter, Great Life Great Love,, 2009

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  1. This movie is such a romantic classic! Luv your man codes for Harry. I’m still looking for my romantic Keeper of the Fire!

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