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Best Romance Movies - 21st Century Top 10

Best Romance Movies – 21st Century Top 10

We can all learn from love in the movies. After all, they’ve been scripted to make us emotionally charged and think about the life lessons. As your Great Love Reporter and entertainment executive, there are tons of movie couple examples in my Books, CDs and Articles. For fun, below are my top 10 picks and the love lessons from the big screen for the Best Romance Movies for the 21st Century.

Great Love Review - Pride and Prejudice

Great Love Review – Pride and Prejudice

Wow, have you seen the movie, Pride and Prejudice (2005) with Keira Knightly (Lizzie Bennett) and Matthew Macfayen (Mr. Darcy)? This film gets 5 stars in my book because it gives awesome examples of what works and doesn’t work in relationships. You can see powerful Great Lover signs in their smiles and sincere messages, along with Bad Lover red flags that make you cringe.

Great Love Review - I Love You, Man

Great Love Review – I Love You, Man

If you’re ready for a playful and entertaining romantic comedy, check out the hot new movie, I Love You, Man. You’ll find it uplifting to watch Paul Rudd (Peter Klaven) transform from a whimp into a Confident Metro Male who is unstoppable. When Paul gets engaged to Rashida Jones (Zooey), he gets hit with the reality that he has no male friends and goes on a search for a best man. He’s got a fiance, but forgot to build a great life.

Great Love Review - He's Just Not That Into You

Great Love Review – He’s Just Not That Into You

Have you seen the movie, He’s Just Not That Into You? It’s about all those crazy things that singles and married people do to mess up their relationships. This movie gets 3 stars for the love lessons about the Bad Lover Signs that should blast the alarm bells and make you run for the nearest exit! You want a relationship to go from Good to Great Love, and a Bad Lover only spells trouble and heartache.

Great Love Review – Paper Heart

Great Love Review – Paper Heart

Do you ever wonder whether true love still exists? Check out the hot Sundance Film Festival hit, Paper Heart, and doubt no more. Charlyne Yi (main character) takes you on a heart-warming quest across the U.S. by interviewing lovers about how they found their special love connection (which is very similar to the advice tips and success story interviews in my books, Smart Man Hunting and How to Attract Great Love.

Great Love Review - Spread

Great Love Review – Spread

Have you ever dated someone for the money? Have you ever had sex for sex’s sake? While Spread is a great movie that you should go see when it opens on Aug 14, 2009, Ashton Kutcher plays a Bad Lover who you don’t want to date. His main purpose in life is to chase wealthy women who can give him an extravagant Hollywood Hills lifestyle, which you should avoid like the plague. Ok, he’s very cute, but very dangerous.

Great Love Review - Casablanca

Great Love Review – Casablanca

What can we learn from the love triangle in the black and white classic, Casablanca (1942)? There are powerful Great Love examples in this movie that takes place during World War II, when Europeans flocked to Casablanca for safety. Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman) is in love with two men, the smooth and mysterious bar owner, Rick (Humphrey Bogart) and her war activist husband, Victor (Paul Heinreid). While you might get upset with Ilsa for her wandering eyes, the war circumstances explain how this love twist unfolds.

Great Love Review – Sundance and Sting

Great Love Review – Sundance and Sting

Have you ever gone on a trip that was such a rich experience that it planted a smile on your face? To attract great love faster, fill you life with Rich Experiences like the one that I had at the Sundance Film Festival (where this photo was taken with Sting). Where can you go to enjoy your passions and fill your heart with positive energy? As your Great Love Reporter, my passions have been working in the entertainment industry, watching movies and sharing the love lessons – so Sundance was a perfect match for my heart.

Great Love Review - When Harry Met Sally

Great Love Review – When Harry Met Sally

Do you want to know some Great Love Secrets for identifying your perfect match and compatibility faster? In this Great Love Review, we’ll cover the classic romance movie, When Harry Met Sally with Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. Based on the ABC Man Codes in my first book, Smart Man Hunting, for the main male personality types, let’s take a look a closer look at the relationship dynamics. What man codes does Harry represent that make his relationship work with Sally?

Great Love Review - Legally Blonde

Great Love Review – Legally Blonde

While you might think Legally Blonde is about a sorority president with a little dog and interest in fashion, this Hawaiian Tropic girl actually gives us an awesome example of how you can get almost any guy when you Love Your Life First. When Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) gets dumped by Warner (Matthew Davis) in college, it doesn’t stop her from moving forward. Instead of getting angry, she goes after Warner with her own plan to get into Harvard Law School. If you get side-tracked by a romance, take a deep breath and get back in the game of life to attract the great love that you deserve!