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Great Love Review - Midnight in Paris is Woody Allen Magic

Great Love Review – Midnight in Paris is Woody Allen Magic

IIf you want a great summer escape to the most romantic city on earth, Midnight in Paris with Owen Wilson (Gil) and Rachel McAdams (Inez) is your Woody Allen ticket! From the Eiffel Tower to the Notre Dame Cathedral and Louvre Museum, this Cannes Film Festival hit will make you want more. It’s a combination comedy and fantasy that lights up the screen with Paris magic. When Gil declares that he wants to stay in Paris in response to his fiance Inez’s dream to have a house in Malibu, it’s your first hint of the romantic disconnect that gets bigger as the story unfolds.

Great Love Review - Morning Glory

Great Love Review – Morning Glory

If you’re ready for some great laughs and romantic comedy, check out Morning Glory with a 5-star cast: Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton, Jeff Goldblum, Ty Burrell and Patrick Wilson (aka Rachel’s great love interest.) When Rachel (Becky) gets fired from her Good Morning New Jersey producer job, it’s the best thing that ever happened to her. When knocked down, Becky’s career comeback is truly entertaining and inspirational.

Top 10 Romance Movies of 2010

Top 10 Romance Movies of 2010

Great Life Great Love shares love lessons from the big screen, and is happy to release our Top 10 Romance Movies for 2010. We’re missing Sandra Bullock’s The Proposal and All About Steve this year, but we’ve had some good films so far, and there are more on the way from Hollywood. My prediction is that the best romance movie of 2010 will be Morning Glory or Love and Other Drugs (Out Thanksgiving.) Below are movie ratings and Great Love Reviews (No Spoilers!) for our Top 10 picks. Let us know your favorites.

Great Love Review - Sherlock Holmes

Great Love Review – Sherlock Holmes

If you love mysteries, London, and Big Ben, then Sherlock Holmes can take you there. However, if you’re looking for romance in this film, it’s even more of a mystery to find for Sherlock (Robert Downey Jr), Watson (Jude Law), Irene (Rachel McAdams) and Mary (Kelly Reilly). The biggest love lesson in this movie is avoid falling for a mystery man who is totally obsessed with work. Below are 3 romance clues that signal trouble based on this movie.

Great Love Review – Morning Glory

Live from a hot bachelor apartment, Relationship Expert and Author Liz Kelly shares her Great Love Review of the hot movie, Morning Glory, with Rachel McAdams, Patrick Wilson, Harrison Ford, and Diane Keaton. What we learned about love in the movie is that if your boyfriend throws your cell phone into the freezer, he’s totally into you! For more dating tips and Great Love Reviews about love visit, Great Life Great Love,